The Majlis supports the spiritual, emotional and physical growth of the student through study, social gatherings and volunteer opportunities. Once accepted into the program, students must meet, or exceed, the basic academic expectations and responsibilities of their Majlis, as established by their teacher. Additionally, all students are required to attend the events and activities planned for Majlis members. These gatherings and events build social bonds and propel students into leadership roles; participation is mandatory.

Students in every group are expected to:
  • complete all required assignments, and conduct additional research as needed
  • attend and participate in every majlis meeting and community event
  • actively participate and engage in every class
  • have no more than 4 legitimate, excused absences per year
  • be tardy no more than 6 times per year
  • exhibit leadership skills through community projects and public speaking
  • pass final examinations, which will be held twice annually, in November and April.