A Decade of Learning


The Nizami Majlis at Tarbiya Institute is the only program in the area that serves as a consistent and well-structured bridge from Sunday school learning to a more sophisticated course of study. We observed many parents struggling to find the appropriate Islamic Education program for their children in the crucial teenage years, and the Nizami Majlis-ul-Ilm seeks to fill this void. The program consists of three phases, as follows:

Phase 1 | Allah & Me: This is a two year program for pre-teens.
Phase 2 | My Family & Me: This is a four year program for adolescents.
Phase 3 | My Community & Me: Young adult students join an advanced Majlis for an additional 4 years.
The Nizami Seminary | Coming soon

Splitting the groups up into phases helps to provide customized and age-appropriate support for all levels of spiritual and intellectual development. Each phase builds on the previous one, and students will engage in a Decade of Education in Islamic Studies, receiving a certificate upon completion of the program.


Tarbiya Institute is dedicated to providing families with the opportunity for advanced Islamic Studies through the Nizami Order. Interested candidates must formally apply to the program online and take a written admissions examination consisting of multiple choice and essay questions. In some cases, the Admissions Committee will request references as well. Accepted candidates will then undergo a brief interview, followed by a detailed orientation with the Senior Imam of Tarbiya Institute for both parents and the student. 

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Prior to admission, all Phase I students must pass a comprehensive admissions examination on basic Islamic knowledge and possess elementary Arabic reading skills. Phase II and III students must pass an admissions examination on intermediate Islamic knowledge and exhibit fairly fluent Arabic reading skills. Students should be able to read Arabic, and understand several Arabic words that are common parlance in Islamic study circles.All potential students must exhibit an eagerness to learn, serve and lead in the community, and be an existing volunteer in a Tarbiya Institute program or event. Applying to the program does not guarantee admission. Applications must be submitted online.

Interested in the program?


To support the long term sustainability and growth of the program, students will be charged a nominal annual membership fee of $1200. This membership fee is also payable in monthly installments of $100 per month. The fee will be used to cover expenses such as student events and field trips, as well as the administrative costs of running the program.

MembershipExisting Students

$ 100

Per Month

For families with multiple students in the program, the fee structure is as follows:

  •  $100 for the first sibling
  •  $80 for the second sibling
  • $60 for any sibling thereafter
Pay Dues

New Students

Due to the increased popularity of the Nizami Order, some applicants will be placed on an interest list, and contacted when a new Majlis becomes available.