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Parent-Student Handbook

2019 - 2020

Parent-Student Handbook
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Parent Involvement

All Nizami parents are expected to be proactively involved in the education of their child. Parents have three primary responsibilities in the Nizami Order: to stay connected and informed, maintain communication with the teacher, and participate whenever possible.

Stay Connected
Countless research studies have shown that the best educational environment for the student is that in which the parent, student and educator are all working together as a team. By enrolling your child in the Majlis ul Ilm, you have already taken the first step to providing your child with the spiritual nourishing they need. If the parents are fully dedicated and respectful of the Majlis-ul-Ilm and the teacher, the students are more likely to follow suit. For younger students (Middle School age), it is recommended that parents supervise the completion of assignments and projects to the standard set by the teacher. Parents must embrace the responsibility to bring students to their classes regularly, and make the Majlis a priority among the student’s extracurricular obligations.
Maintain Communication

All Majlis teachers will communicate with parents through a variety of mediums, including newsletters, blog posts and annual parent-teacher conferences. Parents and teachers must maintain ongoing two-way communication about the student’s progress. Should any concerns arise with regard to the student’s spiritual or emotional health, parents and teachers will work together to find the best solution for the student.

Participate & Volunteer

Whenever possible, parents are strongly encouraged to participate in Nizami Order events and field trips. Parents will also have the opportunity to attend parenting workshops offered at Tarbiya Institute at a free or reduced rate. Additionally each students’ parent(s) will host the group at their home for dinner once a year, to allow families and students to develop lasting social bonds together.

Request to Freeze Membership

Regular attendance and participation in the Majlis-ul-Ilm are required of all students. However, the Nizami Committee understands that students may need to pause their membership due to unforeseen circumstances or planned personal time, such as family holidays.

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