Nizami Order

A faith-based program specially curated for ages 12-22

Nizami Order Majlis-ul-Ilm

Our faith is deeply rooted in rich intellectual traditions, but the pursuit of Islamic knowledge and discourse has dissipated in the last few generations. Children have structured education through the elementary years, but have no program designed to engage them in higher learning when their minds and hearts are at their most inquisitive. This has left an entire generation of youth and young adults spiritually and intellectually atrophied.

The Nizami Order Majlis-ul-Ilm is an answer to this fracture in the Islamic education system of our community. The Majlis seeks to revive the intensive study of the Islamic Sciences, to foster a lifelong thirst for knowledge, civic engagement and leadership.

Well-structured Bridge

from Sunday school learning to a more sophisticated course of study
Allah & Me

A two year program for pre-teens.

My Family & Me

A four year program for adolescents.

My Community & Me

Young adult students join an advanced Majlis for an additional 4 years.

The Nizami Seminary

Coming soon


Tarbiya Institute is dedicated to providing families with the opportunity for advanced Islamic Studies through the Nizami Order. Interested candidates must formally apply to the program online and take a written admissions examination consisting of multiple choice and essay questions.